ASUS ROG G751JL - سرویس های بازیافت/برگشت ASUS

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.دنک یم اشفا تاررقم

یتاعلاطا ات دینک هعجارم یناشن هب ًافطل

:دنک یم اشفا ریز ینوناق تامازلا ساسا رب ار اهنآ ASUS هک دینک هدهاشم ار

نپاژ JIS-C-0950 داوم یاه هیملاعا


هرک RoHS

سیئوس یژرنا نیناوق

ASUS تشگرب/تفایزاب یاه سیورس

طیحم زا تظفاحم دروم رد اهدرادناتسا نیرتلااب هب تکرش نیا دهعت زا ASUS تشگرب و تفایزاب یاه همانرب

،اه یرتاب ،تلاوصحم دیناوتب اه نآ زا هدافتسا اب امش هک میدقتعم ییاه لح هار هئارا هب ام .دوش یم یشان تسیز

هرابرد رتشیب تاعلاطا بسک یارب .دینک تفایزاب هنلاوئسم تروص هب ار ام یدنب هتسب داوم نینچمه و تاعطق ریاس

.دیورب هب ًافطل ،فلتخم قطانم رد تفایزاب

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کوب تون رتویپماک یکینورتکلا یامنهار هچرتفد


This product is TCO Certified – for Sustainable IT

TCO Certified is an international third party sustainability certification for

IT products. TCO Certified ensures that the manufacture, use and

recycling of IT products reflect environmental, social and economic

responsibility. Every TCO Certified product model is verified by an

accredited independent test laboratory.

This product has been verified to meet all the criteria in TCO Certified, including:

Corporate Social Responsibility

Socially responsible production - working conditions and labor law in manufacturing country

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency of product and power supply. Energy Star compliant, where applicable

Environmental Management System

Manufacturer must be certified according to either ISO 14001 or EMAS

Minimization of Hazardous Substances

Limits on cadmium, mercury, lead & hexavalent chromium including requirements for mercury-free

products, halogenated substances and hazardous flame retardants

Design for Recycling

Coding of plastics for easy recycling. Limit on the number of different plastics used.

Product Lifetime, Product Take Back

Minimum one-year product warranty. Minimum three-year availability of spare parts. Product takeback


Limits on hazardous substances in product packaging. Packaging prepared for recycling

Ergonomic, User-centered design

Visual ergonomics in products with a display. Adjustability for user comfort (displays, headsets)

Acoustic performance – protection against sound spikes (headsets) and fan noise (projectors, computers)

Ergonomically designed keyboard (notebooks)

Electrical Safety, minimal electro-magnetic Emissions

Third Party Testing

All certified product models have been tested in an independent, accredited laboratory.

A detailed criteria set is available for download at

, where you can also

find a searchable database of all TCO Certified IT products.

TCO Development, the organization behind TCO Certified, has been an international driver in the

field of Sustainable IT for 20 years. Criteria in TCO Certified are developed in collaboration with

scientists, experts, users and manufacturers. Organizations around the world rely on TCO Certified

as a tool to help them reach their sustainable IT goals.

We are owned by TCO, a non-profit

organization representing office workers. TCO Development is headquartered in Stockholm,

Sweden, with regional presence in North America and Asia.

For more information, please visit